Rubbery Enhances Me Pacifier Clip Review

Published January 1, 2018 by nyeoman0

I received a product for free for my honest review. I received the rubbery pacifier clip to write my review on. I was super excited when I received this because it was actually a two pack of these rubbery clips. This isn’t just a pacifier clip but can also be used as a teether also. The perfect teething pacifier clip safely attaches to babies clothes preventing pacifier from getting lost. It can soothe your baby teething sores the wearable way. Rubbery exquisite pacifier clips are formed with soft silicone beads creating a comfy sensation for baby’s gentle gums. This is a innovative trend that will calm your baby and put teething relief within easy grasp. This is made with a very strong ribbon to help hold the beads together without breaking if baby pulls on it. Easy attaches to babies clothes without falling off or damaging the babies clothes. This is the perfect gift for any expecting mom or any mom with a little one ready to start teething. I do recommend this product. Make sure to go pick up your own pacifier clips.

Thank you for reading.


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