The PMS Package Review #HolidayGuide

Published October 29, 2017 by nyeoman0

I received a month subscription box from the pms package for my honest review. I got to try out the October pms month subscription box from the pms package company, which I was very excited about. When I get my periods they are always usually really bad and painful. I dread that time of month. When I saw this monthly subscription box on facebook I thought it was the neatest thing. I was beyond excited to get this in the mail, it actually came at perfect timing. I received this box two days after I started my period, which couldn’t of worked out anymore perfect. When I opened up this box I was filled with excited, it was filled out a ton of much needed items. It has a ton of different chocolate products, a package of tampons and pads, a sack of midol tablets, a cute little pink pen, a journal, some strawberry body butter, a candle, menstruheat pad, and a package of feminine wipes. I couldn’t believe how much stuff was actually in this little box, it made me super happy to open it and go through everything. My favorite thing is product the pink pen with the big diamond on top. This subscription box is perfect for every women on their period. Make sure to check out their website and get your own pms package and use code PMS5 for a discount on your first box. The premium package costs only $34.99 with free shipping. This package is all about convenience, care, pampering, and love when you need it the most. 

Thanks for reading. 


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