Mumsy Goose Review

Published November 1, 2015 by nyeoman0

I received a new baby onsies of my choice from mumsy goose for my honest review. I got to choose 4 different girls onsie styles. I would have to have my favorite is the one that says does this diaper make my butt look big. It’s so cute, it had little ruffles around the neck and arms 

The next onsie that I picked out says little dear, with a picture of a little baby deer on the front. We actually hand feed deer on our backyard so this onsie has meaning beyond it.

The third onsies says always kiss me goodnight, with a pair of lips underneath the writing. It is s white colored onsie with pink wording, makes it look so pretty. 

The very last and fourth onsie says keep calm and carry me. I think this saying is so adorable, especially since babies looked to be carried. This also has the pink lettering with the white onsie which is my favorite.


Each of these onsies look so adorable on baby Nora and I think that the material is very soft because when I put these on her she’s not fussy at all. I do recommend this product and company to my readers 


Thanks for reading.


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