Cheeky Review

Published February 20, 2015 by nyeoman0

I was sent a few different products for my honest review from cheeky. I received a 10 pack of coffee cups, these are so cute. The coffee cups have colorful stripes across them, with white plastic lids. 24 package of plastic cups. These are clear plastic cups also with colorful stripes. 60 pack of utensils which includes, 20 spoons, 20 forks, and 20 knifes. Each utensil is made of plastic and are colored blue. 44 pack of paper plates, these are 8 1/2 inch plates. Perfect sizes dinner plate, also with colorful stripes. Last I got a pack of 32 paper bowls with a blue rim. Each of these products go together and are perfect for a party or get together. Each purchase made from cheeky products equals one meal for someone in need. I recommend this product!



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Thanks for reading.


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