Country Girl Store Clothing Review

Published October 9, 2014 by nyeoman0

I was sent a box of items from country girl store for my honest review. The first item that I received was the cotton twill cap country girl – deer head. This hat is made with very soft material, I really like the way it fits. the back of the hat is also adjustable. The second item that I received was the relaxed camo pullover hoodie – country girl straight shootin. This hoodie is actually very warm, and it is made with fleece. This hoodie is all over camo with writing on the front. The third item that I had received was called the dream perfume. I am very picky about my perfume scents, but this perfume smells so good. It has a like a fruity smell to it. The last item that I received from this shop is called the baby rib tank – smokin’ hot. This is a black tank top with the words smokin’ hot on the front with two guns. This tank top is also make from very soft materials, comfy to wear. I really enjoy and recommend all the item in my post.


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