The Silver Diva Shop Review.

Published September 15, 2014 by nyeoman0

I was invited into the a shop called The Silver Diva Shop, over in Montgomery Ohio. When i walked into the store i was greeted was a lovely young lady named Elizabeth who took care of me. I picked out if i was wanted to make a ring or a bracelet, i chose the bracelet. Elizabeth went back and got the metal bracelet for me to start customizing the hand stamped letters on it. She then told me i could pick out what type of font to put on my bracelet. I got to practice my believe saying on some practice metals that they had in these baskets. I did practice about 3 times until i thought i was ready to start my own personal bracelet. I told Elizabeth that i was finally ready and she told me to go for it. So i started hand stamping the letters for believe on the bracelet, it was kind of hard to do yourself you need to be sturdy with your hands. But you put the letter on the spot you would like it to go and hammer it down a few times. Once i was done, she took it to the back and bended it into the bracelet. It was so pretty after everything was all done. It was a really cool experience, i really like that i got to personally make the bracelet myself. If your from Cincinnati, i recommend checking out her shop. If not her websites will be listed below for everyone else to check out. Thank you to Carissa and her team for the awesome experience.

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Etsy shop –

Website –

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Instagram –

Thanks for reading.


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