Ileesh Review & Giveaway

Published August 29, 2014 by nyeoman0

I received a ileesh i love my dog retractable leash. I choose i love my boarder collie retractable leash, since my dog has part collie in her. I got it in the color pink with the size large. I literally love this leash, it helps me get control of her when i am taking her on a walk. It is a very comfortable leash to carry its not heavy at all. On the side of the handle it says i love my boarder collie with a picture of a very cute boarder collie in between the wording. Also it comes with a package of dog poop bags in a cute little bone shaped holder.

Made from durable impact plastic, each of our retractable leashes features a domed waterproof reflective sticker with a picture of a particular breed. The sticker includes a message declaring your love for that breed, making this product the perfect gift for a dog lover. Available in three colors, black, turquoise or pink, this retractable leash features a soft grip handle, and a one hand braking and locking system, so it is extremely easy for anyone to operate. iLeesh leashes use a high intensity soft nylon belt material designed to avoid burns or cuts, and a secure super strong chromium plated latch hook to attach to your dog’s collar. Choose between two different sizes; our medium belt which is 15ft long and is designed to hold a dog of up to 44lb/20kg, and our large belt which is 9ft long and is designed to hold a dog of up to 100lb/45kg.

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Come enter my giveaway, this will end 09/05 at 10 pm est us winner only. To enter just check on the entry form button below.

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