Sashka Bracelet Review

Published August 21, 2014 by nyeoman0

I received these two bracelets for my honest review. Sashka sent me two beautiful glass bead bracelets, one is a light green and the other has light blue with gold and white. These bracelets are made from glass beads. All you have to do to put on the bracelet is just slide it on your wrist, i like how easily they go on. My favorite bracelet that i received of course was the light blue with the gold and white, i am just in love with the designs it has. These bracelets look so cute with any outfit. These cute bracelets came in a cute white pouch, i thought that was a cute touch.

get-attachment (19)

This bracelet was hand crocheted by a skilled artisan woman in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal. Proceeds from your purchase empower women in need through fair trade. This creates opportunity, a fair wage and the ability to work from the Comfort of their homes. Proceeds from your purchase empower Nepalese artisans to rise above poverty through fair trade. Each bracelet is carefully handmade bead by bead. Skill, passion, and some of the world’s finest glass and sterling silver beads go into each one. Use discount code “BLOG” and they will receive 20% OFF their entire order and FREE SHIPPING!
Thanks so much for reading

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