Pretty Women Perfume Review

Published August 19, 2014 by nyeoman0

I received some travel sized bottles with a candle and hat of the pretty women perfume. I think that the candle smelled really good it wasn’t to strong of a scent. My grandma took one of the three mini bottles of the pretty women fragrance, she literally wears this scent everyday when i see her. I also really like the hat its a black color so its matches any outfit. I also like how heavy the candle is, It is a very nice candle if i do say so. Its crisp, luminous bergamot top note evolves to reveal a full, vivacious middle note accord of stargazer lily, red rose and carnation. The fragrance’s base note accord of fresh amber, patchouli, vanilla, atlas cedar and sacred incense combine with a lingering everlasting warmth and harmony. The scent stays on for a long while also it doesn’t wear away easy like some perfumes do.

get-attachment (16)

Here is the website if you want to order of this pretty women perfume for yourself –

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