Nature’s Logic Dog Food Review

Published August 12, 2014 by nyeoman0

I received a bag of the canine dry kibble in the chicken flavor. Also i got two things of the canned food, in the sardine and beef flavor. My dog loved this food a lot, she is already done with the bag and canned food. She went through two bowls of the dry food a day which is a lot for her. She normally never finishes her dry food in one day. My dog is a very picky one to satisfy with her food, but she really loved this dog food. I really recommend this Nature’s Logic food to any dog looking to change dog food. 

get-attachment (9)

Nature’s Logic also offer different flavors of the bagged dog food and canned food than the ones i got to try. They offer dog treats on their website also that are worth checking out. If you have a cat, they sell cat food on the website too. Here is the site for you to go check out and order from, Go give them a facebook like over here at Make sure to give them a follow on twitter also, 

Thanks so much for reading


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