TogoSpa Review

Published August 2, 2014 by nyeoman0

I got the chance to review 2 products from togospa, i got the under eye treatments. The first one was the ice water eye treatment. It helps soothe, moisturize and refresh tired eyes, i think this really did help my eyes a lot. You could really see the difference in looking at them before and then seeing under my eyes after i used this treatment. This one also smells so good, i would have to say out the two this would be my favorite scent. In both scents you can choose either 6, 12, or 30 treatments, also there is a lot of different scents and also each one has different types of problems it helps with. 

get-attachment (20)get-attachment (19)

The next treatment i got to try out was the green tea, this one helps lift and revitalize your eyes for a fresh youthful appearance. This one also really helped me look a little bit younger underneath my eyes it really kind of gave them a boost. I also liked the scent of this one too. These just stick to your eyes its very easy to do. I really do recommend these treatments if this is something you are interested in. Here is there website , their facebook is 

Thank you for the reading 


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