Arborstead Review

Published July 28, 2014 by nyeoman0

I received a natural deodorant which is a lavender scent, the smell is amazing it reminds me of being at the spa. The scent of the deodorant is lavender so its very relaxing. I would have to say this is best smelling deodorant i have ever tried before. Arborstead also offers different scents for the deodorant, if you would like a different scent all together there is 8 different scents to choose from. I suggest checking them out on their etsy site here . This deodorant feels very soft on your skin i like that it doesn’t dry up in clumps like most brands do. 

get-attachment (10)

I got to also try out their natural lip balm , which i got a peppermint and a cinnamon scent in those. Let me just say that the cinnamon smells amazing! The way it feels on my lips is so soft. My lips get really dry in the winter time so i will keep this around for then, i know it will really keep them from drying up in the cold weather. The peppermint also smells just like a peppermint patty, i think it smells really good also i would have to say my favorite. This is also really soft on my lips i love the way that it feels on my lips. Arborstead also offers different scents in the natural lip balms too which you should check out on their etsy site listed above

get-attachment (12)get-attachment (11)

Make sure to go give them a facebook like on their page . Check their website out . Last but not least check out their etsy page

I do suggest buying any of the products that i have listed above. Thank you for reading


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