Bart’s Cookie Review & Giveaway

Published July 24, 2014 by nyeoman0

I received 2 different flavors of Bart’s cookies, the peanut butter chocolate chip and the white chocolate chip cookies. It was a really hard choice but I would have to say the peanut butter chocolate chip has to be my favorite even though they’re both so amazing. Both flavors are so full of flavor and very moist, they are so hard to put down once you take your first bite. get-attachment (6)get-attachment (7)10556365_704341376269489_6289226325758618867_n I’ve had a lot of cookies in my day and to be completely honest I think Bart’s peanut butter milk chocolate chip would have to be the best cookies I’ve ever put into my mouth. Bart’s don’t make their cookies small either it’s a really good sized cookies that they make, I would say perfect size for dessert. My favorite thing about the cookie is that once you take your first bite you can taste both the peanut butter and milk chocolate. You can see the milk chocolate chips and peanut butter chips baked into the cookies just at first glance. These are just so good if I haven’t said so yet. Bart’s cookies offer more flavors than the ones that I chose you can choose from, white chocolate chip, peanut butter milk chocolate chip, white chocolate chip with macadamia nuts, milk chocolate chip, dark chocolate chip, & also milk + dark combo chocolate chip cookies. Bart’s also offer all the flavors that I just listed in gluten-free which is a nice option to choose from. I suggest that if you are looking for some delicious cookies that this is the place to order from, i would say best cookies that have ever been made in my opinion. if you would like to order their cookies I am running a giveaway for US only, there will be one winner they can choose one bag of cookies in their choice of flavors. This will end on July 30th at midnight.  check out the giveaway on my facebook page under the giveaway tab,   SECRET WORD FOR GIVEAWAY IS : COOKIES


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