M3k Advanced Anti-Age Hand Cream Review

Published July 22, 2014 by nyeoman0

okay, so for my first ever blog review i’m going to review the M3k advanced anti-aged hand cream that i received. 

Let me just start off by saying this hand cream is amazing. I have tried many different hand creams when my hands get a little dry during the different weathers, but this one helps my hands so much it leaves them feeling really soft and young looking again. I use this hand cream every single night before I go to sleep. After i wake up in the morning i feel how soft and different my hands are. i would suggest using this maybe once a week if you get really dry hands

This hand cream comes in a 60 ml tube i would say its really worth your money you can get this hand cream and also other products like their face moisturizer on their website http://m3kbeauty.com/. Go take a look around at their website and check out some of their products i promise they are worth it. 

Here you can see a picture of my hand before i applied the hand cream you can see its dry.


This is my hand after i applied the hand cream you can really see the difference in my hand 

get-attachment (1)get-attachment (2)


5 comments on “M3k Advanced Anti-Age Hand Cream Review

  • I can’t believe how great it makes your hand look. Well worth a try! I looked at the website the price I very comparable to something you would get at a Sephora or Ulta defiantly a great value for the size!


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